Heraklion Tour Cretan Highlands ​homeland of Zeus and Whirlwind Roads

Heraklion Private Tour Cretan Highlands ​homeland of Zeus and Whirlwind Roads

Tour from Heraklion

  • Enjoy the scenic mountain road, the flowers and tiny villages along the way
  • Explore the cave in the mountainside of Lassithi plateau - the mythological birthplace of Greek God Zeus and an ancient worship site
  • Get your hands dirty in one of the potters workshops (kids love it)
  • Enjoy a traditional Cretan meal in one of the family-owned traditional tavernas in Lassithi plateau
  • Krasi village halfway to Lassithi is an epitome of a secluded mystic Cretan mountain village
  • Discover the history of picturesquely seated Monastery of Kera (photos in the monastery are not permitted)

Crete has been a fertile breeding ground for myths and legends and especially so in Lassithi plateau overlooked by mythological mount Ida – a mystic birthplace of great Greek God Zeus.

A whirlwind, scenic mountain road takes us up to plateau. Due to difficult access to Lassithi in the past, the area has been spared more from conquerors than rest of Crete. Therefore the DNA of people from Lassithi nowadays is believed to be the closest to Minoans. A flatland of agriculture, mills, potters, and villages, Lassithi plateau is surrounded by scenic mountains. Here we will stop in one of the villages for lunch, and drop in to one of the local potters - they love to let you watch, and kids can get their hands dirty.

Krasi village halfway to Lassithi with its impressive 2000 years old legendary tree in the village square, Venetian water fountains and traditional kafeneios is an epitome of a Cretan mountain village. Miracles happen in Crete and the Monastery of Kera (Our Lady of the Heart) is a living example of a power of belief and power of a miracle. This Orthodox Monastery seated in the picturesque mountain setting  has a striking story of the miraculous icon.

Come along to explore some of the highlands well kept secrets!

It is a full day tour either from Heraklion or Agios Nicolaos area with approx. 3 hours driving time.

Note: this is a private tour and can be modified according to your interests and preferences

Note also that even though the reputation of Lassithi is one of hundreds white sailed windmills, you don't see the windmills nowadays; it is still a pretty view of plateau

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“Wonderful tour of the Villages of Crete, Greece by Joseph Batis”Joseph Batis truly showed us the secrets of Crete, Greece. We went to villages and were a part of the daily life of Crete, visited small museums with vibrant histories, had an unexpected surprise stop where we attended a greek celebration on holy spirit day..

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“Fantastic and memorable day with Joseph”Joseph is a pleasure to spend time with. He is educated, knowledgeable, extremely well-traveled, articulate in at least 5 languages, personable and also has a lovely sense of humor. Most importantly he has an honest love of Crete that comes through his tours.


"Secrets of Crete" provides a fascinating Private Tour My husband and I had the good fortune to have spent the day with Joseph Batis, who has tours exploring some of the lesser known parts of Crete, Greece. In our correspondence with him prior to the day we had available, he customized the itinerary to fit our specific requests.

Visitors from Maryland

"Great way to discover Crete off the beaten track" Joseph from Secrets of Crete organised a brilliant tour in the mountains of central Crete today, going off the beaten track to very atmospheric small roads and old villages where we saw no other tourists, only locals.

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